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Stainless Steel Open Ring 304 Stainless Steel machine polishing different size for choice original color

  • Item No:211206134729
  • Color :original color
  • Effect :machine polishing,different size for choice
  • Harmless :none
Size: 0.4X3MM 0.5X3MM 0.5X4MM 0.6X4MM 0.7X4MM 0.8X4MM 0.8X5MM 1.0X5MM 1.0X6MM 1.0X7MM 1.0X8MM 1.0X9MM 1.0X10MM 0.4X4MM 0.6X5MM 0.7X3MM 0.7X3.5MM 0.7X5MM 0.7X6MM 0.8X6MM 0.8X7MM 0.8X8MM 1.2X5MM 1.2X6MM 1.2X7MM 1.2X8MM 1.2X9MM 1.2X10MM 1.4X8MM 1.4X9MM 1.4X10MM 1.4X12MM 1.5X6MM 1.5X8MM 1.5X9MM 1.5X10MM 1.5X12MM 1.5X13MM
  • US$0.01~0.04
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