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Stainless Steel Open Ring plated different size for choice

  • Item No:211009171311
  • Color :more colors for choice
  • Crafts :plated
  • Effect :different size for choice
  • Harmless :none
Color: steel color steel color gold gold
Size: 0.3*2.0mm 0.3*2.5mm 0.3*3mm 0.4*2.0mm 0.4*2.5mm 0.4*3mm 0.4*3.5mm 0.4*4mm 0.5*2mm 0.5*2.5mm 0.5*3mm 0.5*3.5mm 0.5*4mm 0.5*5mm 0.6*2.5mm 0.6*3mm 0.6*3.5mm 0.6*4mm 0.6*4.5mm 0.6*5mm 0.7*3mm 0.7*3.5mm 0.7*4mm 0.7*4.5mm 0.7*5mm 0.7*6mm 0.7*7mm 0.7*8mm 0.8*3mm 0.8*3.5mm 0.8*4mm 0.8*4.5mm 0.8*5mm 0.8*6mm 0.8*7mm 0.9*5mm 1*4mm 1*5mm 1*5.5mm 1*6mm
  • US$0.01~0.02
  • PC

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